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UNITED® is a professional tool brand has been established in 2007. The brand is focused on providing comprehensive range of high performance and superior quality tools selections to meet the demands of today’s professional users around the world. Our brand has been readily accepted among tools manufacturing sectors and workshops due to its high quality products, on time delivery, superb customer service and competitive pricing. Our brand realized that technology in motor vehicles was moving faster than ever. So, we dedicating to study and be up to date about latest vehicle production and current new specialty tools. UNITED® philosophy and motto is to serve our customers to the best of our knowledge at any time and provide constructive solution as well as satisfactory service whenever possible. The information that we sharing and the tools that we supplying for each customer will build them to be more professional in their carrier. "Use the right tools, for the right job…"


Our Mission: We are committed to continuously improving the value and quality of our products for each and every customer, ensuring that every technician feels safe and satisfied when using our tools. Our ultimate goal is to exceed customer expectations and achieve exceptional results.

Our Vision: Our vision is to pursue excellence in our research and development capabilities, striving for perfection in providing technicians worldwide with the most efficient and high-value products. We aim to become the most trustworthy and professional supplier of automotive repair tools.


我们的使命: 我们致力于为每一位客户不断提升我们产品价值和质量,确保每一位技术人员在使用我们的工具时感到安全和满意,并超越客户的期望与卓越的成果

我们的愿景: 我们的愿景是追求卓越的研发能力,以精益求精的态度为全球技术人员提供高效和高价值的产品,并成为最值得信赖和专业的汽修工具供应商



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